Take a Breath for Life Foundation

Raising Lung Cancer Awareness


Lung Cancer Kills More People than

Any Other Type of Cancer

Including thousands that have never smoked. Despite the stigma that many people attach to lung cancer, it's a disease that needs our attention. The Take A Breath For Life Foundation looks to raise awareness and research money to combat this deadly disease. In 2009 I was handed the diagnosis of lung cancer. I was 49 years old and had never smoked. As a teenager I had lost my mother also a non-smoker to the same disease just before her 53rd birthday so the diagnosis was that much more surreal. The Take a Breath for Life foundation was conceived in 2010 in response to that lung cancer diagnosis. Our primary focus is to raise funds from community based charitable events for cancer research and education. As we are an all volunteer, not for profit third party donor we choose our beneficiaries yearly and host a fundraiser that directly funds that organization’s support of our goals. Last year we raised and donated over $9,000.00 to the American Cancer Society and the American Lung Association.    

-Michelle, Founder of Take a Breath for Life

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The Take a Breath for Life Foundation runs annual fundraisers to raise money to battle lung cancer in all its forms. This November we will be hosting our 4th annual fundraiser benefiting the Lung Cancer Alliance. On Sunday November 9th, beginning at 11:00 AM, we will be holding a cyclo-cross race at the Erie County Fairgrounds in Hamburg, NY with great prizes, raffles, music, theme baskets and food! 

You can click here to see the pictures from our previous race. 

Crafts & Games

Here we have compiled a list of fun games and crafts for kids that can be used at family picnics or playground events. They can also be used to teach the importance of healthy lungs and breathing. The games and crafts are all designed for ages 5 and up. You can download the .pdf files from the links below.

1. Balloon Relay

2. Balloon Trample

3. Balloon Volleyball

4. Bubble Mania

5. Craft Pin Wheel

6. Cup Race

7. Patriotic Twirler

8. Soap Bubble Prints